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What is CTS GOLD?

-  It  is a Golden Opportunity created  by 8990 Housing Development Corporation to make owning a DECA Homes very affordable  in the most easiest way, hassle free reservation and earliest possible time to Move-In.
  -  It is a newly innovated program and the only payment scheme  that 8990 Housing Development Corporation can offer to our prospective buyers.

Owning your dream house with NEW IMPROVED DECA CTS GOLD 11

Now owning your dream house is made even more possible.

With DECA CTS GOLD , get more value for your money as you own a Deca home in easy, hassle-free reservation and payment terms.
DECA CTS GOLD is a golden opportunity created by 8990 Housing Dev't make owning a Deca home very affordable with earliest possible time to move-in. It is a newly innovated program and the only payment scheme that 8990 HDC can offer to its prospective buyers.
How much is the interest rate?:
CTS Gold socialized housing – Fixed at 8.5% 
 CTS Gold 11 – 
Fixed at 11% interest rate with a rebate given to the buyers who pay on or before the due date of their monthly amortization for the 1st 5 years. 

1.Buyers who are not more than 60 years old;
2.Gainfully employed or Self employed ; and
3.Net Disposable Income (NDI) is 100% of or greater than the monthly amortization of the unit they intend to acquire.

a)Passes the NDI Requirement
b)Pays P 5,000.00 Reservation Fee
c)Submits the following documents:
  •  Buyers Info Sheet + four  (4) 1 x 1 ID photo;
  • Gov’t. issued ID (ex: driver’s license, SSS ID) company  
          ID & other identification papers, if needed;
  • 1-month Pay slip and / or proof of other income and /   
          or assets
  • Complete Set of Signed Loan documents
  • Option Agreement
  • Contract to Sell
  • Deed of RestrictionBuyer’s Undertaking
  • Special Power of Attorney (if needed)
  • Signed Disclosure Statement
  • Required Post dated Checks (3 equity installments( If with equity) + 46  
          for monthly amortizations and SRI/FI premiums + 1  guarantee check

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